Running undead is fun, but it just gets boring in the long run.

Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition is one of those games that you need to be able to dose yourself to get constant satisfaction from the game. The reason for this is that the authors managed to come up with quite addictive game mechanics, but unfortunately they could not diversify it properly so that players spent more than a dozen minutes in one session. This has already affected the players on the PC, where Zombie Driver was released in 2009, as well as on desktop consoles, i.e. Xbox 360 (2012), PlayStation 3 (2012) and Xbox One (2014). However, it is difficult to point out this minus version for the Switch, because portable gaming has its own rules, and such a game to turn on for a quarter and forgetfulness works perfectly on mobile platforms. So the question arises: why did Zombie Driver hit Switch so late?

There are game titles whose ignorance is obvious reason for shame. One of them is Carmageddon. I mention it for a reason, because the authors from the Polish Exor Studios responsible for Zombie Driver follow a similar philosophy as the Stainless Games team. The gameplay design is simple. We sit behind the wheel of a car (initially, unfortunately, it is only a regular taxi), and our task is to drive around zombies hanging around the area. Very soon, however, it turns out that the contact of enemies with our bumper is not a good idea, because we will destroy the car so quickly, which is why we are looking around here and there to collect scattered types of weapons or various gadgets, thanks to which we will deal with the bloodthirsty beasts. We will shoot them with a machine gun, rocket launcher, rail gun or use a flamethrower.

t’s hard to say that the economic aspect is present in Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition. On the other hand, for performing the missions entrusted to us we receive money that allows us to buy new types of vehicles and improve existing cars. In the course of the game we will drive both the already mentioned taxi and a super fast sports car that looks a bit like a Bugatti Veyron, as well as a police car, ambulance, bus and more. Over time, we will improve not only the statistics of our vehicle, increasing its speed or endurance, but also the types of weapons we have, unlocking numerous upgrades. Fortunately, the prices are not too high, thanks to which we will be on the road in a short time with a killing machine, not an ordinary passenger car.

The target game mode is of course the campaign. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, however, history is only an excuse to pass the next stages. It is true that the authors tried to prepare a quite extensive background story, explaining to us why we need to eliminate the next hordes of undead, but in fact we run them only for our own pleasure. Of course, we also save other survivors by ourselves, trying to survive. It is worth noting that in many cases Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition offers not only the main objectives of the mission, but also optional, thanks to which we can get more funds.

Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition can be completed in about six, maximum eight hours, which is quite a good result, considering the fact that the game also offers other variants of the game. The first of these is Blood Race, which is basically the name of the race. It is worth adding that individual competitions consist of several parts, and we must not only get to the finish line in front of others, but also eliminate them using available weapons. In other competitions we do not race with drivers, but over time – in Eliminatoror it is important to destroy as many rivals as possible in two minutes, while in Endurance we have a bomb mounted in the car that will explode after less than a minute, but passing through checkpoints we collect additional seconds. In addition, there is Slaughter, where we resist the attacks of oncoming waves of enemies.

Zombie Driver: Immortal Edition on the Switch looks only decent and there is no wonder, because we are really dealing with a game that was originally released less than 10 years ago. A decade in the industry is a lot of time, so when investing in reviewed production you have to remember that graphics – well – could simply be better. Especially since it is not somehow a specially developed, fully three-dimensional shooter, but an isometric arcade game, in which each stage is loaded separately and unfortunately not at an express pace.

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