My Father, John M. Morton, passed from the mortal coil in August of 2005.
What follows is the original website with some additions.
Please click this link for my "in memoriam"
to my Dad

Hello, I'm John M. Morton,

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and I am, among other things, a painter, writer, father, grandfather, and son of the protagonist of the tale you are welcome to read by clicking on the link below. The story takes place on Isle Saint George, about 40 miles north of where I live now just outside of Marblehead Ohio.

Isle Saint George
The islands of western Lake Erie
(please mouseover map for detail)

It is a tale, as implied in the title, about my father's first entrance into manhood during the 1890's.

Growing Up on Isle St. George


The Marblehead Lighthouse

if you would care to, please click on any of the representations of the lighthouse to visit a thumbnail gallery of more photos and watercolors of the area.

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