Barotrauma, Felix The Reaper, Unrailed! – impressions from Daedalic Days 2019

We went, saw and played the latest productions in the portfolio of the German publisher, in which everyone will find something for themselves.

It’s time for the last portion of impressions associated with our trip to Daedalic Days 2019, during which we saw new games in the offer of the German company, we had the opportunity to play their early versions, as well as get lots of interesting information from the developers involved. Earlier you could read about the new RTS from the creators of the Deponia series – A Year of Rain – and the successful adaptation of the Darkest Dungeon mechanic for the needs of Iratus: Lord of the Dead. Today we have a handful of information and impressions for you after learning about Barotrauma, Felix The Reaper and Unrailed! In a word, something nice for everyone, and all the details below.

Felix the Reaper

Adorned with a large dose of good humor, three-dimensional puzzle game from the Danish studio Kong Orange. The title Felix is ​​an employee of the Ministry of Death, whose task is to send to those world people who have already arrived. And if it did not come, then it can gently help destiny and arrange some tragic circumstances. Felix, however, is not a grim reaper, because he suffers from a specific ailment – when he sets out to earthly he cannot refrain from dancing. Ballerina’s movements are not the only problem of Feliks – our hero is also morbidly in love with employees of the Ministry of Life – what can result from the love of death for life? We will find out about this by playing Felix the Reaper.

During my visit to Hamburg, I had the opportunity to read the first chapter of the title, or rather a set of missions that will inevitably lead to that world of the hunter who is unaware of his miserable fate. The title is a relatively intuitive puzzle game with a lot of environmental puzzles subject to a few simple mechanics – Felix can only move in the shade; we can manipulate elements on the map to change the shape or length of the shadow they cast; finally we can rearrange the map in two planes, and Felix happily dances with every move. All these elements are quite simple (at least in the shared version), and at the same time an engaging combination that, combined with a lot of good humor, will definitely stop us for longer.

At the beginning of each chapter, we find out who is to die, and during the game we perform subsequent missions in which we try to arrange a series of inconspicuous, but unfortunate events. A special set of trophies has been prepared for each mission, which refer to our achievements during the task – including the time needed to complete it, change the position of the sun, as well as how many times we exposed the hero to sunlight. The latter is easy to control, thanks to the option of previewing the shadow system implemented in the mechanics after rotating the map. In a word, a treat for lovers of game maxing, who will eventually develop the perfect path to win all the prizes.

During a dozen or so minutes of the show, I was able to finalize the first chapter quite quickly, to break my teeth equally quickly in subsequent stages, where I noticed a significant jump in the level of difficulty. If you like logic games, puzzles and a loose approach to culture-motivated themes, then Felix The Reaper should certainly be on the list of expected productions. The title is created on the Unity graphics engine and will be released this year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


Game presentation Unrailed! it went quite differently. Almost without a word, the developer handed each Xbox controller and put it on the couch, where we were quickly introduced to the basic mechanics of the game’s title. It turned out, however, that in the right gameplay it did not do much good, because designed with fun in mind of sofa cooperation Unrailed! it’s chaos that you have to feel the hard way, which is well known to fans of the Overcooked series.

After the fun begins, we see a queue with a single wagon that calmly goes towards the end of the route, and our task is to keep it running as long as possible, and sometimes to get to the end station. A group of engineers, accidentally armed with a pickaxe, ax and bucket of water, briskly began to implement the plan. Unrailed! focuses on a coherent division of roles, cooperation between players and their advanced skills to improvise in difficult conditions.

The train set off from the station, and with it a camera, and we bustled without order and storage in search of iron and wood, which connected on the only wagon pinned to the locomotive formed another fragment of the route. This had to be moved and properly combined to give direction to the queue and thus bypass the unfavorable terrain. To make it not too easy, from time to time the locomotive overheats and even begins to burn, and one of the people must fill the bucket with water and put out the fire. And although I did not notice that the fire could completely digest the train, the fire-covered wagon does not produce tracks, and the queue stops at all. The work of the camera is also important, because if our only tools are outside it, we have lost them forever.

The whole is very engaging and will definitely provide the ripped pack with lots of fun filled with numerous tricks and accusations modeled by Ghost Town Games. Unrailed! designed for cooperation for up to four players, but we can also play in a limited composition, which makes our queue moves at a lower speed. During the show, we had fun in the module, in which we have to lead the route from point A to point B, but the developers also prepared the possibility of generating an unlimited world, which we enter with the mission of keeping the train moving as long as possible. In addition, PvP mode is also being prepared, and the early version of Unrailed! will debut on Steam Steam this summer.


Of all the titles available at Daedalic Days 2019, the limited time and space did not allow us to have a little fun playing the early version of Barotrauma, but the developers from the responsible studios FakeFish and Undertow Games gave us a comprehensive presentation. At the very beginning, I had no doubt that watching players struggles gives almost as much fun as participating in the proper gameplay, so when the title hits Early Access this spring, you’ll definitely find it on or YouTube.

Barotrauma, a simulator of a submarine sinking in space is a cooperative game for up to 16 players, who take one of six roles – including captain or engineer. Their task is to reach the center of the created world, but along the way they move between stations located on the map and numerous interaction points, and in their interest is that the journey proceeds with the least possible number of disturbances. In this, apart from various sea creatures, the very formation of the map or numerous incidents occurring on board the ship can interfere. Diseases turning a player into zombies? Fires? Instrument failures? Players leaving the ship on the run doomed to eternal wandering in the depths? Invasion of sea monsters lured by sonar signal? Welcome to Barotrauma, everything can happen here, and in addition the characters move in a characteristic, comical way, which distracts us from reality even more than the vision of a submarine sinking in the depths on one of Jupiter’s moons – Europe.

Although our main common goal is cooperation that will allow you to reach the center of the underwater world, but during each session selected players may still receive additional goals hidden from the rest of the crew, which order, e.g. to sabotage the ship or kill the captain. This, combined with a wide range of adversities and random factors, as well as the need for cooperation between players, gives the whole an interesting character. It is worth noting that we can start playing in a much smaller composition or even alone replacing friends with bots, and completing the main story in this way should take us about 10 hours.

However, this is not all, because the developers focus on support for modification – the title for entry will get access to the Steam Workshop, and modders all the tools that developers used when working on the game Barotrauma. What’s more, even from the level of the game itself, we will be able to design our own submarine or personalize the heroes and share them with members of the community, and the number of available combinations, factors, a lot of space to explore, and above all, comic animations of moving characters will surely make we will stay with Barotraum for longer. The official date of the debut in Steam Early Access should be known soon, and the title is created only for the PC.

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